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Great Bay StewardsGreat Bay Stewards

Located at the southern end of the Great Bay, the Great Bay Discovery Center provides education and inspires environmental awareness of this wonderful natural resource. The Great Bay Stewards support the Center's activities with financial and volunteer support, and work to further community outreach through independent programs.


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The Stewards provide financial support for the following programs at the Great Bay Discovery Center:

  • Bay Views weekly summer lectures on topics pertinent to the seacoast.
  • BayVentures vacation programs for children, emphasizing the flora and fauna of the Bay.
  • Once Upon An Estuary summer and winter story-telling, play, and craft programs for younger children.
  • School trips to the Discovery Center for over 5,000 children annually. The spring theme for these trips is habitat and natural history, and the fall theme is environmental heritage.
  • Bringing the Gundalow to the Discovery Center each fall as part of the cultural history program.

In addition, the Stewards reach out to provide information and education to the communities around the Great Bay in the following ways:

  • Participate in the "Adopt A Highway" program along a 2-mile section of Route 108 in Newmarket
  • Provide for continuing membership for the Great Bay Estuarine Research Reserve in the National Estuarine Research Reserve Association, and play an active role in that Association with other friends groups
  • Support environmentally-concerned businesses and organizations via our membership as a Business Partner in the Green Alliance
  • Support regional communities and groups for projects that promote the health of Great Bay
  • Provide community outreach that will help property owners learn simple steps that can help protect Great Bay
  • Distribute monthly newsletters, via e-mail, to members regarding upcoming regular and special events at the Discovery Center.
  • Invite the public to a monthly speaker series on topics pertinent to the seacoast.

The Great Bay Stewards
Great Bay Discovery Center
89 Depot Road, Greenland, NH 03840
603-778-0015, ex. 350
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